Read Across America is an event to promote a love of reading.  At Barrington, we celebrate with a spirit week in honor of Dr. Seuss.  On Dr. Seuss's birthday, we have special guest readers come into the classes to read to students. The book they read has been donated by the Newman Rotary Club.  

02/25 – “Sleep Book” Monday

Wear Comfortable Clothes or Pajamas

02/26 -“If I Ran a Zoo Day! Tuesday

Wear animal print or dress like a zoo animal

02/27 – “Wacky Wednesday”

Style your hair crazy or wear crazy clothes

02/28 – “Oh, The Places You’ll go” Thursday

Dress as what you want to be when you grow up

03/01 – “Green Eggs and Ham” Friday

Wear green


Read Across America Seuss Storytime!

Students and teachers all wearing a green piece of clothing
Kids and teachers wearing costumes on what they want/wanted to be when they grow up
The students showing up their crazy hair-do's
The students a piece of clothing or a hat resembling an animal
The students coming to the school in their pijamas