Barrington Before & After School Programs

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After School Program

The after school programs are open every day that school is in session from the bell to 6pm. Please contact the site coordinator for more info about the program at your school site.

Contact: Hurd Barrington Elementary School Program Coordinator - Juanna Villegas-Villagomez (209) 862-2585 ext. 738 Cell (209) 543-5078

Before School Program

Before School Program Leader: Adrean Torres

The Barrington before school program opens at 6am. Students receive breakfast and have activities/games to play before the bell rings. Students may also receive homework assistance during this time.

ASP Team

Barrington ASP Team

Juana Villegas-Villagomez

Juanna Villegas-Villagomez
- ASP Site Coordinator

Adrean Torres

Adrean Torres - BSP/ASP Leader

Kim Angel-Avila

Kim Angel-Avila - Program Leader

Yesenia Reynoso

Yesenia Reynoso - Program Leader

Nathan Vitorino

Nathan Vitorino Barrington ASP-ELOP Coordinator