Brain Break Day

Students and staff had the opportunity to have a Brain Break Day. Students and staff have been working so hard that we all needed a little fun. Instead of a day filled with academics, the students got to rotate though different classrooms doing a variety of fun, engaging STEAM activities. Each class had a different activity to offer students. The students and staff had a great time at our first ever Brain Break Day.

Tk, Kinder and First grade hosted many fun activities on our Brain Break Day.

They had a movie in room 8.

Room 6 played a game outside called Alligator Chomp.

Room 9 had engineering activities.

Room 7 read a story then drew some cool fall pictures.

Room 1 did dancing.

Room 2 had building stations with different materials.

Room 3 made maracas and played music.

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Brain Break Day Activity

Second and Third grades had some really cool stuff in their classes for Brain Break Day.

Room 11 had a Halloween movie with snacks.

Room 12 learned how to make paper airplanes and fly them.

Room 13 did fall art.

Room 14 did the boat challenge. Build a boat and see how many pennies it can hold.

Room 15 had a creative center to see what you could build.

Room 16 played a game of kick ball outside.

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Brain Break Day Activity

Fourth and Fifth grades did some really awesome activities in their rooms.

Room 17 did blow painting.

Room 18 did a fall art tutorial with water colors.

Room 19 made spaghetti towers. They wanted to see who could build the tallest tower.

Room 20 did an outside team obstacle course.

Room 21 made balloon rockets.

Room 22 made magnetic slime.

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Brain Break Day Activity